Looking glass girl by Cathy Cassidy

Alice is confused when she is invited to a super cool sleepover by Savvy, the most popular girl in the school-why would she invite friendless Alice, bullied by ex-best friends? She decides to go, but after the sleepover, she is found unconscious in a hospital bed after a tragic accident. As her family, friends and even enemies gather close to her to express their true feelings, one question is being asked-will Alice ever come back from wonderland?

I read this book on holiday, and I loved it! This book is a modern retelling of Alice in wonderland written by the super awesome author, Cathy Cassidy! The story is split into three sections: the time when Alice is unconscious and in wonderland; the third person view of Alice’s friends, family and enemies reaction and supports of while she is unconscious; and the years, months, days, hours and even seconds leading up to the moment of the accident.

I really loved this book and I really recommend it. I give it five stars.


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Selfish Scrooge is a lonely, isolated mean old man with no friends, who shuts everyone out. It seems like a regular boring old miserable Christmas, but when three ghosts visit Scrooge, can they make him think about his past, present and future? Can they make him change his ways and make him happier?

I read this in English last term, and I loved it!

This is a good classic to get into! It’s a novella and it’s Christmassey. I rate it 4 and a half stars as the writing is really great and funny, and it is really thoughtful. However, I do not like all of the “ahh hum-bugs”! This is great but at times it was really boring and too detailed and I did not understand some of it. However, overall, this is an amazing novella.

The Tulip Touch by Anne Fine

When lonely Natalie befriends lonely Tulip, they immediately become best friends, and Natalie is over the moon. Sure, Tulip is naughty, wild and a little bit rude, but she’s great fun. Even if her games are a bit much. But the more Tulips’ mean games get more and more inappropriate, Natalie realises that their friendship must end. But that is not easy…

I read this book in English last year. I have mixed feelings about this. Although it was exciting and a good plot, I didn’t like it that much as it was quite depressing and boring at times. I also didn’t like it as it didn’t really have a happy ending. No offence, but I do not really like Anne Fine’s books that much as they are really boring and depressing, and the style of writing I do not really like(I do like the comedy though). I recommend this to you only if you over than 9, as some of the themes are a bit much. I rate this 3 stars.


Geek girl: Geek drama

In this story, Harriet Manners and her best friend Nat are about to be famous actresses! Well, sort of. If auditioning for Hamlet and getting a mashed up character and a skull counts. Oh well, at least it will be fun… except maybe her bully Alexa might decide to humiliate her instead.

I thought I would not enjoy this much as it sounded like it would just be full of Alexa bullying Harriet…but it wasn’t! I surprisingly really enjoyed it! I like the nice plot, and I love the Nat-Harriet friend relationship. I also like how it is a sort of a “deleted scene” from geek girl- its setting is between the first and second geek girl books. It is also very short. I definitely recommend this story to anyone who finds the geek girl books too long as this is quite short-I read it last night in 2 and a half hours! I really recommend it to everyone, especially if you do find geek girl too long and “simply too much” for you. Get it soon as possibly as it is currently only £1 as it is a world book day book!

Oh no, I have read all of the geek girl books that have been released!!!!!!!! OH NO! Oh well, I guess I just have to wait for book 5, which might be a year or so (HOW WILL I LIVE IN THAT BREAK?!).

Geek girl: All that glitters by Holly Smale

My Geek girl addiction comes back as I am reviewing the fourth and newest book, all that glitters!

In the fourth story of the super-awesome geek-model, Harriet finally starts sixth form, and thinks it’s her time to shine! However, she struggles to make friends and when her old friends seem to be ignoring her. But when she turns into a glittering supermodel success, she suddenly becomes the most popular of all of the school, and everybody wants to be her friend. But are these true friends, or are they just after the fame? Will Harriet change in the fame and popularity, or will she remain loyal? Will this last, or is it just Harriet’s five minutes of fame? All this and a modelling trip to Morocco, Harriet will realise who her true friends are, and that you don’t need to be popular to shine. But will Harriet ever get over her breakup with her soulmate model boyfriend, Nick?

Like all the other books, I loved this book! Another 5 stars! I have a really big connection to the geek girl series-we both suffer similar issues and have a lot in common. I have a really big connection with Harriet-when she is sad, I am sad. I really recommend it the geek girl series.

I have read nearly all of the geek girl books- I just need to finish the world book day novella, geek drama!

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg AKA Zeolla

I can’t believe that I’m reviewing the first book of Zoella! I am happy that Zoella wrote it but to be honest, if it wasn’t by her I would have still loved it as much as I do now!
This story revolves around Penny, an awkward and shy yet creative girl living in Brighton who has been having terrifying panic attacks ever since she lived through a car crash. However, she expresses her feelings on her anonymous blog, under the name girl online. After an embarrassing school experience, a broken friendship and a painful rejection, her parents decide to go to New York for the Christmas Holidays-just Penny, her parents and her best friend ever, Elliot.
As soon as she gets there, she meets an awesome cool boy, Noah-he’s cute, he’s funny, he’s magical and he has gone through what Penny has- and he likes her. This love seams meant to be, and gives Penny the happiness and confidence that she always needed. But, soon, Noah’s secret escapes-and threatens to ruin Penny’s blog. And Penny learns that the world online is not always as wonderful as it seems…
I think that this is a super great story, with an awesome plot and cover! This is a great story about friendship, meant to be love, the world online and developing confidence. I enjoyed every minute of reading this! I think everyone should read this-whether you like Zoella, you like photography, romance and love, finding your confidence and blogging! This story also has many good lessons and meaning about the online world and panic attacks. I recommend this to everyone, especially teenager girls who want to boost up their confidence. I give this 5 stars!

Geek Girl: Picture Perfect by Holly Smale

The cover

The cover

In this third tale of the totally-lovable geek model, Harriet finds herself from England to New York!

After quitting her job to become a “regular girl”, Harriet Manners has high hopes for the New Year ahead-she in sixth form now. She has passed her GSCEs with flying colours and has a super-cool model boyfriend! But her perfect new year comes crashing down when her parents drop a big bombshell-they’re all moving to New York for six months! Harriet is devastated to leave her friends and home behind, and struggles in New York. With not making new friends, feeling that her old friends have forgotten about her, her parents forgetting her 16th birthday and her new tutor telling her she’s stupid, Harriet feels completely alone and isolated. But when she is offered a new modelling job, she takes it. And when Harriet’s new stylist suggests ways to make her boyfriend like her even more, trouble occurs.

Like the previous two Geek Girl books I read, I really loved this book! It also has the same feel as the other geek girl books, and despite it being longer than them (by about ten pages), I finished this in three days because it was such a page turner!  I rate this book 5 stars.

Gosh, it looks like I’m loving the geek girl series! I am currently reading the fourth book, All that glitters, and I love it!