Stink and the freaky frog freakout by Megan Mcdonald

The cover(I think it's great!)

The cover(I think it’s great!)

The eighth (and currently the newest) book in the popular series about Stink, Judy Moody’s younger brother, by bestselling author Megan McDonald (and now all the books have new, shiny covers!).

Crazy things are happening in Stink Moody’s world! Freaky frog things, that is. First of all, Stink finds a 3 legged frog in the swimming pool showers! Meanwhile there are loads of frogs around, especially in his street.Then he goes to this center which has specializes in frogs(all kinds of special ones,even ones with things wrong with them, like one transparent one and one with 5legs!) and Stink needs to do a test to be on the lookout for some rare ones! And if that isn’t enough weirdness, he finds a blue frog and the frog licks him, making his froggy freakness really begins.

Filled with amazing illustrations and not too-small words, I recommend this for 7+ and for a quick read, with some laughs along the way.This book is great! I finished last night. I give it 4 out of 5.


3 thoughts on “Stink and the freaky frog freakout by Megan Mcdonald

  1. Elisabeth Winkler

    I have never heard of Stink and the Freaky Frog Freak-Out (great title!) but now I have read this excellent review, I feel quite the know-all.

    This blog is a brilliant idea, especially for adults who can never think which books to buy kids.

    Keep up the good work!


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