Diamond by Jacqueline Wilson


The new, number one bestseller on amazon is out now!

Description: We all think that stars were born as, well, stars. Hetty Feather wasn’t. And Diamond defiantly wasn’t. Brought put as Ellen- Jane Potts by a cruel father, a poor mother and many siblings, there wasn’t a single star in her life. But when her dad makes a stupid deal with a cruel circus man, her life just turns from bad to worse. However, there are some good things in circus life-she gets well fed; the crowds adore her; and there are some friends to be found at the circus- the marvelous Madam Adeline, The amazing Mr Marvel and his tiny monkey family and the amazing Emerald Star! But life can’t amazing all the time, especially when Madam Adeline and Mr Marvel have to leave, and Diamond starts to get beat up! Will she find a good future?

I read this from the day it came out to last Thursday- and I loved it! I give it four stars, because it could have been longer. I think it can be for 9+ because it has very few pictures and the writing is small, but not that small. I also recommend reading this after the Hetty Feather trilogy, since it features loads of characters from there and events.


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