Demon Dentist by David Walliams

The amazing cover!

The amazing cover!

The newest, longest and funniest book by the King of laughter David Walliams is here! You’re in for a treat!

In this side splitter, strange things are happening in town. If you have a tooth that has come out, beware- if you put it under your pillow, you’ll find a some thing bad the next day, like a slug, a spider or much much worse.  Alfie, who was enough on his plate, with his very sick dad, a dead mum and a weird but warm hearted social worker, suspects the new dentist in town, Miss Root, has something to do with this. But is this true? How can she? Why would she? How can Alfie find out, with her huge fear of the dentist? And what happens when Miss Root steals all of Alfie’s teeth?

I really enjoyed this book, and was a bit sad when it ended. This book tackles fear and loss. Perfect for fans of David Walliams, humor, adventure, mystery and scary stories. A must buy for Christmas(or, better yet, now). This book s long but has lots of picture and big words, so I recommend it for 7+ readers, both boys and girls. Plus you get a free pair of (really) fake teeth!


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