Geek girl by Holly Smale

Geek girl

I have just finished this book and I loved it!

This book is about a girl called Harriet Manners who is being bullied at school because everyone thinks she’s a geek -especially Alexa, who makes Harriet feel like poo every day of her life.  She desperately wants to change her image. So when she accidently gets spotted by a modelling agency, she jumps at the chance to become a model-even if that means taking her best (and only) friend’s dream, lying to her stepmother and missing precious days of school (even though she knows more than the average human being due to her knowledge). But will this work? Or will it just make more trouble? Will she realise-with the help of her friends, family and the new guy she fancies- that she is a great person?

I love this book! This book is a heart-warming, feel good comedy about bullies, “geeks”, learning to love yourself, being who you are and FASHION! I think lots of people will like this book since there are lot of genres. I recommend this book for 11+ since it has some strong language (including some light swears) and serious plots, as well as having no picture and being a bit long.

I have several favourite characters. The first is Harriet, the protagonist of this book.  I love her colourful, smart and funny personality. I can relate to her. Unfortunately, I am not a geek(I am not smart enough) but I get bullied a lot like her for being “weird” or “different”, even though I know that it’s good to be different. I have a girl like Alexa in my life(though thankfully not that mean!) but don’t we all? I also love Nat(Harriet’s best friend) and Annabel(Harriet’s stepmother) because they are both so nice and cool. Nat is a very good friend to Harriet and sticks up for her(even going as fair as chopping off Alexa’s hair!) and Annabel is a very cool lawyer and stepmother who wants the best for her stepdaughter. Annabel is just like Harriet and approaches everything in a very formal way. The dad is also a lovable character-he is a fun, childish dad that Harriet can’t stand but you’ll love.

This is a great read- and there are some sequels to it too! I review those books when I’ve read them.  I rate this book five stars. Oh, and my English teacher went to the same school as the author!


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