The Magic Faraway Tree By Enid Blyton

The magic faraway tree by Enid Blyton picture lolThis book is the second of the series, so you should read the first one first (it’s called the enchanted forest) but I read this one first so it doesn’t matter that much. There are three children called Beth, Franny and Joe, who have fun adventures with their magical friends; the lovely Moonface; the dear old Saucepan Man; and the lovely Silky the Fairy at the Faraway tree. It’s never boring there! Every day they get new and mysterious lands, such as the land of toys, the land of dreams, and many others! In this group of stories, the children’s cousin Rick comes round to live the children. Rich is great company and very fun-but very mischievous too! Join the children and creatures as they drive runaway trains, eat sweets till they burst, drink strange potions and live upside down! A lot fun will be experienced-but will Rick learn his lessons and learn not to misbehave? I read this book in the summer(mostly when I was in Italy!), and loved it! This is sort of the first Enid Blyton book I read, because the first book I read half of it (then lost it!) and the other one was mini story from McDonalds. I really enjoyed this book. It’s good fun and has brilliant illustrations, and the cover of the edition I read was beautiful. I give it 5 stars and recommend it not just for children learning to read, but for all ages-you will love this! In fact, this series is the first book Jacqueline Wilson read independently!


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