Geek Girl: Model Misfits by Holly Smale

This is the bestselling sequel to Geek Girl!

In the second tale of the one and only geeky model, Harriet Manners has high hopes for the summer-spending every day with her best friend Nat, visiting museums, learning new facts and having fun! But with her parents being too busy with preparing for the baby and Nat going away for France, it looks like Harriet’s plans are ruined! However, when she is offered to go to Tokyo for her modelling job, she takes it- and after meeting some new friends, she loves it! But things soon going wrong when Harriet keeps messing up her photo shoots by being 3 hours late, breaking a glass box, wearing shoes in a Japanese sumo-wrestling game and making an octopus spit ink on billion-dollar dresses! And to make matters worse, her ex-boyfriend is being stolen by one of Harriet’s new friends. But is this “friend” causing all of the accidents that have happened? Is this friend everything that she seams? And is this friend even a friend?

I loved this book! It is similar to the first book compared to size but and the style of the writing but the story line is different to the first one. I really enjoyed this book, like the first one. I definitely recommend this. I rate it five stars.

The cover

The cover


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