Skinny lemon and me by Jean Ure

The new cover

The new cover

The old cover

The old cover

After being suggested to by their English teacher, Cherry and her best friend Melanie (AKA “Skinny Melon”) start writing diaries to “clean out their cupboards”. And Cherry has a lot to write about!

1.) Her mum and dad have divorced.

2.) Even worse, her mum has remarried a total dweeb called Ronald Butter (?!) who is allergic to dogs and keeps sending weird coded messages through her door.

3.) She is convinced that the school is trying to kill her with the disgusting, unnatural school dinners the school serves.

4.) She thinks her mum might have a secret…

At least she has Skinny Lemon to talk to, and her new to diary to rattle all her worries in (and the weird school dinners).

I really love this book! I enjoyed reading every page of it and it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. All of Jean Ure’s book all brilliant- they are funny, interesting, addictive and easy to read. I rate this book 5 star. I remember reading it 3 years ago- it was so addictive that I finished it within a day! I recommend this to anyone who doesn’t like reading that much or struggles with reading as it is a great story and not too long, with lots of pictures. It is also a bit educational and there are some codes in there that you can learn which is great if u want to write your own coded messages to your friends! I enjoyed this book so much I think I’m going to read it again!

The very old cover

The very old cover


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