Girl Online by Zoe Sugg AKA Zeolla

I can’t believe that I’m reviewing the first book of Zoella! I am happy that Zoella wrote it but to be honest, if it wasn’t by her I would have still loved it as much as I do now!
This story revolves around Penny, an awkward and shy yet creative girl living in Brighton who has been having terrifying panic attacks ever since she lived through a car crash. However, she expresses her feelings on her anonymous blog, under the name girl online. After an embarrassing school experience, a broken friendship and a painful rejection, her parents decide to go to New York for the Christmas Holidays-just Penny, her parents and her best friend ever, Elliot.
As soon as she gets there, she meets an awesome cool boy, Noah-he’s cute, he’s funny, he’s magical and he has gone through what Penny has- and he likes her. This love seams meant to be, and gives Penny the happiness and confidence that she always needed. But, soon, Noah’s secret escapes-and threatens to ruin Penny’s blog. And Penny learns that the world online is not always as wonderful as it seems…
I think that this is a super great story, with an awesome plot and cover! This is a great story about friendship, meant to be love, the world online and developing confidence. I enjoyed every minute of reading this! I think everyone should read this-whether you like Zoella, you like photography, romance and love, finding your confidence and blogging! This story also has many good lessons and meaning about the online world and panic attacks. I recommend this to everyone, especially teenager girls who want to boost up their confidence. I give this 5 stars!


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