Geek girl: All that glitters by Holly Smale

My Geek girl addiction comes back as I am reviewing the fourth and newest book, all that glitters!

In the fourth story of the super-awesome geek-model, Harriet finally starts sixth form, and thinks it’s her time to shine! However, she struggles to make friends and when her old friends seem to be ignoring her. But when she turns into a glittering supermodel success, she suddenly becomes the most popular of all of the school, and everybody wants to be her friend. But are these true friends, or are they just after the fame? Will Harriet change in the fame and popularity, or will she remain loyal? Will this last, or is it just Harriet’s five minutes of fame? All this and a modelling trip to Morocco, Harriet will realise who her true friends are, and that you don’t need to be popular to shine. But will Harriet ever get over her breakup with her soulmate model boyfriend, Nick?

Like all the other books, I loved this book! Another 5 stars! I have a really big connection to the geek girl series-we both suffer similar issues and have a lot in common. I have a really big connection with Harriet-when she is sad, I am sad. I really recommend it the geek girl series.

I have read nearly all of the geek girl books- I just need to finish the world book day novella, geek drama!


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