Geek girl: Geek drama

In this story, Harriet Manners and her best friend Nat are about to be famous actresses! Well, sort of. If auditioning for Hamlet and getting a mashed up character and a skull counts. Oh well, at least it will be fun… except maybe her bully Alexa might decide to humiliate her instead.

I thought I would not enjoy this much as it sounded like it would just be full of Alexa bullying Harriet…but it wasn’t! I surprisingly really enjoyed it! I like the nice plot, and I love the Nat-Harriet friend relationship. I also like how it is a sort of a “deleted scene” from geek girl- its setting is between the first and second geek girl books. It is also very short. I definitely recommend this story to anyone who finds the geek girl books too long as this is quite short-I read it last night in 2 and a half hours! I really recommend it to everyone, especially if you do find geek girl too long and “simply too much” for you. Get it soon as possibly as it is currently only £1 as it is a world book day book!

Oh no, I have read all of the geek girl books that have been released!!!!!!!! OH NO! Oh well, I guess I just have to wait for book 5, which might be a year or so (HOW WILL I LIVE IN THAT BREAK?!).


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