The Tulip Touch by Anne Fine

When lonely Natalie befriends lonely Tulip, they immediately become best friends, and Natalie is over the moon. Sure, Tulip is naughty, wild and a little bit rude, but she’s great fun. Even if her games are a bit much. But the more Tulips’ mean games get more and more inappropriate, Natalie realises that their friendship must end. But that is not easy…

I read this book in English last year. I have mixed feelings about this. Although it was exciting and a good plot, I didn’t like it that much as it was quite depressing and boring at times. I also didn’t like it as it didn’t really have a happy ending. No offence, but I do not really like Anne Fine’s books that much as they are really boring and depressing, and the style of writing I do not really like(I do like the comedy though). I recommend this to you only if you over than 9, as some of the themes are a bit much. I rate this 3 stars.



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