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If you email me please leave a subject line like “please review this book”, “My story”,”Hi” etc etc

On this site I will review books of any kind! If you would like me to review a  specific book, ask me and I will try to read it. If you want me to review YOUR books/stories, feel free to email them to me(info in the “contact me” section) and I’ll review it. If you do please ask whether you would like me to review it on my blog or to you personally 🙂 You can either email me or leave a comment to ask me to review stuff:)


17 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Elisabeth Winkler

    What a great idea this blog is! Especially for adults who never know which book to buy which kid.

    I think you should write to the publishers of children’s books and ask for review copies of newly published books so you and your team can review them for ireviewbooks.

    The publishers will appreciate this authentic service you provide! (Not to mention the free publicity!).

      1. booklol16

        1.cathy cassidy sended commet about your blog
        2.your blog should facebook and twiter so pelple can requset
        3.your review events for other people point the views

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