Skinny lemon and me by Jean Ure

The new cover

The new cover

The old cover

The old cover

After being suggested to by their English teacher, Cherry and her best friend Melanie (AKA “Skinny Melon”) start writing diaries to “clean out their cupboards”. And Cherry has a lot to write about!

1.) Her mum and dad have divorced.

2.) Even worse, her mum has remarried a total dweeb called Ronald Butter (?!) who is allergic to dogs and keeps sending weird coded messages through her door.

3.) She is convinced that the school is trying to kill her with the disgusting, unnatural school dinners the school serves.

4.) She thinks her mum might have a secret…

At least she has Skinny Lemon to talk to, and her new to diary to rattle all her worries in (and the weird school dinners).

I really love this book! I enjoyed reading every page of it and it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. All of Jean Ure’s book all brilliant- they are funny, interesting, addictive and easy to read. I rate this book 5 star. I remember reading it 3 years ago- it was so addictive that I finished it within a day! I recommend this to anyone who doesn’t like reading that much or struggles with reading as it is a great story and not too long, with lots of pictures. It is also a bit educational and there are some codes in there that you can learn which is great if u want to write your own coded messages to your friends! I enjoyed this book so much I think I’m going to read it again!

The very old cover

The very old cover


Geek Girl: Model Misfits by Holly Smale

This is the bestselling sequel to Geek Girl!

In the second tale of the one and only geeky model, Harriet Manners has high hopes for the summer-spending every day with her best friend Nat, visiting museums, learning new facts and having fun! But with her parents being too busy with preparing for the baby and Nat going away for France, it looks like Harriet’s plans are ruined! However, when she is offered to go to Tokyo for her modelling job, she takes it- and after meeting some new friends, she loves it! But things soon going wrong when Harriet keeps messing up her photo shoots by being 3 hours late, breaking a glass box, wearing shoes in a Japanese sumo-wrestling game and making an octopus spit ink on billion-dollar dresses! And to make matters worse, her ex-boyfriend is being stolen by one of Harriet’s new friends. But is this “friend” causing all of the accidents that have happened? Is this friend everything that she seams? And is this friend even a friend?

I loved this book! It is similar to the first book compared to size but and the style of the writing but the story line is different to the first one. I really enjoyed this book, like the first one. I definitely recommend this. I rate it five stars.

The cover

The cover

The Magic Faraway Tree By Enid Blyton

The magic faraway tree by Enid Blyton picture lolThis book is the second of the series, so you should read the first one first (it’s called the enchanted forest) but I read this one first so it doesn’t matter that much. There are three children called Beth, Franny and Joe, who have fun adventures with their magical friends; the lovely Moonface; the dear old Saucepan Man; and the lovely Silky the Fairy at the Faraway tree. It’s never boring there! Every day they get new and mysterious lands, such as the land of toys, the land of dreams, and many others! In this group of stories, the children’s cousin Rick comes round to live the children. Rich is great company and very fun-but very mischievous too! Join the children and creatures as they drive runaway trains, eat sweets till they burst, drink strange potions and live upside down! A lot fun will be experienced-but will Rick learn his lessons and learn not to misbehave? I read this book in the summer(mostly when I was in Italy!), and loved it! This is sort of the first Enid Blyton book I read, because the first book I read half of it (then lost it!) and the other one was mini story from McDonalds. I really enjoyed this book. It’s good fun and has brilliant illustrations, and the cover of the edition I read was beautiful. I give it 5 stars and recommend it not just for children learning to read, but for all ages-you will love this! In fact, this series is the first book Jacqueline Wilson read independently!

Geek girl by Holly Smale

Geek girl

I have just finished this book and I loved it!

This book is about a girl called Harriet Manners who is being bullied at school because everyone thinks she’s a geek -especially Alexa, who makes Harriet feel like poo every day of her life.  She desperately wants to change her image. So when she accidently gets spotted by a modelling agency, she jumps at the chance to become a model-even if that means taking her best (and only) friend’s dream, lying to her stepmother and missing precious days of school (even though she knows more than the average human being due to her knowledge). But will this work? Or will it just make more trouble? Will she realise-with the help of her friends, family and the new guy she fancies- that she is a great person?

I love this book! This book is a heart-warming, feel good comedy about bullies, “geeks”, learning to love yourself, being who you are and FASHION! I think lots of people will like this book since there are lot of genres. I recommend this book for 11+ since it has some strong language (including some light swears) and serious plots, as well as having no picture and being a bit long.

I have several favourite characters. The first is Harriet, the protagonist of this book.  I love her colourful, smart and funny personality. I can relate to her. Unfortunately, I am not a geek(I am not smart enough) but I get bullied a lot like her for being “weird” or “different”, even though I know that it’s good to be different. I have a girl like Alexa in my life(though thankfully not that mean!) but don’t we all? I also love Nat(Harriet’s best friend) and Annabel(Harriet’s stepmother) because they are both so nice and cool. Nat is a very good friend to Harriet and sticks up for her(even going as fair as chopping off Alexa’s hair!) and Annabel is a very cool lawyer and stepmother who wants the best for her stepdaughter. Annabel is just like Harriet and approaches everything in a very formal way. The dad is also a lovable character-he is a fun, childish dad that Harriet can’t stand but you’ll love.

This is a great read- and there are some sequels to it too! I review those books when I’ve read them.  I rate this book five stars. Oh, and my English teacher went to the same school as the author!

Ruby the Red Fairy by Daisy Meadows

The cover

The cover

The very first adventure in the rainbow magic tales!

When Rachel and Kirsty follow a rainbow, they are very surprised to find a pot at the end of the rainbow. And they are even more surprised to find a fairy in it! The fairy, whose name is Ruby, must reunite with her sisters or Fairy Land will never be the same again?

Even though this book is for younger readers, I really enjoy these books when I want a quick read or a read to my baby brother or young neighbour.

Shine by Kate Maryon

When Tiff’s mum goes to prison for stealing precious objects, Kate has to go and live her with her boring relatives, leaving her glamorous life behind. But is this a great new opportunity? Will she make new friends? And will she ever reunite with her mother?

I love this book! This is a great tale of friendship, family and forgetting the past. I recommend this for 8+.


Driftwood by Cathy Cassidy

Help! Hannah’s in a friendship crisis. Her best friend, Joey, has a crush on her brother, Kit, and is ignoring her to be with him. And when Kit starts bullying Joey’s new adopted brother, it looks like their friendship is drowning. And don’t even mention the kittens…

This is a really interesting and heart-warming tale. I rate it five stars. This is a heart-warming tale about friendship, bullying and growing apart. I recommend it 8+.